Selling A Unique, Historic or Architectural Home


There are many misconceptions when it comes to the sale of a unique, architectural or historical home. Many times I’ve heard concerns such as:

“My home is too vintage and not as updated as others”

“Nobody will have the same passion for the home that I do.”

These concerns are where we excel.

Selling is a home is an incredibly delicate process that requires the right partnership. I understand this not only as a realtor, but also as an owner of a landmarked historical home with Mills Act, and several investment properties. Because of my personal experience, I am able to look at the sale of your home through the lens of a passionate owner, as well as a finicky buyer.

The days of simply putting a "for sale" sign in a front yard and listing a property on the MLS are gone. The sale of a unique, historic or architectural home required more than a realtor just putting the home on the market.

Due to my superior systems, advertising background, proprietary technologies such as PLUMBID, and deep connections in historic preservation and design, I have been fortunate enough to break sales records with most of my transactions and even in difficult markets.

An agent must be able to reach buyers through creative avenues such as the sale right prep (with a heavy ROI), cutting edge social media marketing, professional networks and unparalleled property presentations that make a unique home like yours cut through the white-noise in todays real estate market, and on our social media feeds.

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