My Top 5 tile sources in LA


#1 :: Rock Mill Tile & Stone 

From modern kitchen & bathroom tiles to old world, authentic terracotta tile, Rock Mill has it all. 

Personal Project

I recently retiled the entire front courtyard and walkway of my historic home, The Doumakes House. I used "Valencia" & "Catalonia" terracotta tiles from Rock Mill. To save a few bucks I purchased the tiles raw (no stain) and had my contractor stain them instead. The faces are from Badia Design (see Badia Design post below). 


In addition to many types of revival reproduction tiles, Mission Tile West offers a large selection of slick, modern, tasteful tiles for any project. 

#3 :: B & W TILE

While their website leaves much to be desired, B&W should be your first stop, and before making any purchases anywhere else. They carry great quality tiles with very reasonable prices. So much so that many higher end stores purchase tiles from B & W and mark them up 2-4X. 

B & W is especially known for their incredibly authentic 1920s & 1930s reproduction Spanish & Deco tiles, even down to the curved borders. Below are pictures from my friend Katie's bathroom remodel and a home I visited in Leimert Park with B&W reproduction tiles. 

#4 - Handmade Moroccan Zellij Tiles from BADIA DESIGN

During our honeymoon to Granada, Spain, my wife and I fell in love with the breathtaking and detailed Moorish tiles throughout the City and wanted a similar, but authentic look for our home. For more than a year I searched high and wide for authentic Moroccan style tiles but was constantly disappointed by very cheap & much too modern looking reproductions.

Enter Badia Design, who have the ability to ship authentic handmade tiles from Morocco to their North Hollywood location. The beauty of this are the tiles can be cut to the exact dimensions of your project. We had strips made to fit the specific measurements of our walkway stairs. 

** Note -- These are very expensive. However, we knew that we'd be set for life with these tiles. Do it once and do it right!  

#5 :: The Budget Play


For projects with tight budgets, flips and rentals, HD Supply, Home Depot & Lowes offer decent selections if you dig hard enough. The Matte White with Black Dot Ceramic Octagon/Dot Mosaic Tile from Home Depot worked wonders in two of my rentals. See the finished floor with the same tiles.